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Welcome to the Precision Products Home Page .
Please look around this site to get more information about our Company.

Our Mission

Sloka from Bhavad Gita ( 5K).JPG

Yadi Acharanti Shreshthaha Tadeva Itaro Janaha
Sa YatPramanam Kurute Lokaha Tat Anuvartate II

Shrimad Bhagavad Gita

Translation :
Whatever Way of life a perfectionist adopts , other men copy.
The Standards set by him are followed by other people.

Company Profile

Precision Products has been in the Indian Auto Spares Field since 1963, manufacturing quality and reliable spares at affordable prices.We manufacture and cater to the replacement markets of a number of Indian automobiles , like

Mahindra & Mahindra
Ashok Leyland
Massey Fergusons
Maruti Suzuki
Standard Vans

Manufacturing Base:
We manufacture a wide range of shaft items and piston pins using a variety of centerless grinders,surface grinder,milling machines and automatic lathes.All our components are Heat treated to optimum hardness, thus increasing reliability and providing longer life to critical components.

Quality Control:
We have an independent quality control department, equipped with precision pneumatic gauges,passometers,hardness testers,dial gauges etc.The quality control department is manned by technically qualified personnel and keeps a vigilant eye on the quality of our products and to ensure that they are of the exacting specifications.

Research And Development:
We also have a dedicated research and development center equipped with CAD computers ,lathes, shaping machine etc for fast prototyping and development of jigs, fixtures and gauges for new products.

Product Range:
We have an enviable track record in the manufacture of Rocker Arm Shafts and manufacture rocker arm shafts for a majority of automobiles being manufactured in India.We also manufacture a number of engine, suspension, transmission and gearbox parts.

A full list of all our products is available here


Contact Information




Address (17K).GIF 115A , Jani Jhan Khan Road,
P.O.Box : 678,
Madras-600 014
C-45 , Thiru-vi-ka Industrial Estate,
Madras-600 032
Telephone No. (1K).GIF +91-44-8524939(Voice)
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Last modified: July 27, 1998