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Precision Products manufacturers spares for most vehicles manufactured in India.The major Automotive Manufactures are

Hindustan Motors

Cars Manufactured About
Ambassador The Ambassador is "The King" of the Indian car market. This car has been manufactured since 1940's and only since the late 80's when the "Maruti" appeared has its market share decreased.

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Commercial Vehicles HM Manufactures a variety of Commercial vehicles including the Matador.

Maruti Udyog Limited

Cars Manufactured About
Maruti This little 800 cc car from the Japanese firm Suzuki is like the "Samurai" of the Indian market. Way back in 1984 the "Alto" or the "Maruti" as it is called here was released. At that time Ambassador ruled the roost. This was the first real competition that it got. It raised a storm in the market leading to it capturing now a massive 80% market share. At first there was almost none or negligible domestic content , and everything was imported from Japan. Gradually an army of domestic Auto Parts suppliers have emerged , including Precision Products. Although there have been a few changes to the car it hasn't changed much since from 1990 when it's first major revamp was conducted.
Maruti Esteem The better cousin of the Maruti , this one features a totally new,better and bigger body and engine.

Mahindra & Mahindra

Cars Manufactured About
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Mahindra Classic Jeep fj470.gif (32811 bytes)



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